One of the most important things to understand about Cosmetic Tattooing (also known as micro-pigmentation and permanent makeup) is that it is Semi-Permanent… Semi-Permantemt means it won’t stay in the skin forever but it will be there for approximately 3-5 years.  Below I am going to answer most of the questions I am asked daily about Cosmetic Tattooing and I hope that this will help you make the decision to book a consultation with me for your procedures.

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What is the difference between Body Tattooing and Cosmetic Tattooing….  Their are 2  main differences, one is in the depth with which the pigment is deposited into the skin and two, is that in Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing a pigment specially designed for cosmetic use is used, where as in Body Tattooing it is an ink specially designed to last forever (hopefully).

Do the procedures hurt?…  this would be the most commonly asked question, and the hardest to answer as each persons pain tolerance is different and each area will also differ. There will be some form of discomfort but most find it bearable.

Who would want Semi-Permanent Make Up? .. Semi-Permanent make up (long lasting) is great for the follow:

  • Fair skinned or fair haired people, both male and female
  • Physically active or Busy People
  • People with difficulty applying make up, glasses / contact lenses
  • Lipstick bleeding problems ( helps with those lines around the lip area )
  • Alopecia, eyebrows, eyeliner ( hair like strokes for a more natural look )
  • Entertainers, actors & models
  • People with thin, over plucked or mis-shaped brows

What are the advantages of permanent make up?….. Imagine the luxury of always having perfect brows, eyes and lips and never having to worry about smudges, runs or that panda-eye look!  When swimming, snow or water skiing, gym or doing any physical activities you will never again be worried about your appearance not to mention how much time and money you’ll save never having to apply and remove expensive make ups.

What does my initial consultation involve and how much do I have to pay? … Initial consultation is $49 which is taken off your treatment price if you choose to go ahead with the procedure(s).  In the consultation we establish colour & shape, take into consideration your medical history, discuss before and after care and answer any questions you may have.

Procedure(s) cost will depend on the area being treated 1, 2 or 3 treatments maybe required depending on individuals skin absorbency and whether the area has been previously tattooed. We offer a discount on upfront payments or payment can be spread out over your sessions. We also offer a discount on 2 or more procedure being booked at the same time.  Book a consult for your individual treatment plan to be created, below are approximate costs:

  • Lash Enhancement $450 (top only)
  • Eyeliner (top & bottom) $550
  • Eyebrows – $650
  • Full Lip or Lip Blend $750
  • Lip Liner $550

How does it work?.. Pigments extracted from iron oxides and minerals are skilfully blended and implanted into the dermal layer of the skin. The procedure involves the use of a handheld device that penetrates the skin with a very fine needle or a hand tool for fine hairline strokes for the brows, effectively embedding the pigment into the desired location. There is no risk to the client. The individually packaged, sterile needles are opened in your presence. After every treatment needles and pigments are safely disposed of.

Will I like the colour and shape? … These are discussed in-depth and totally agreed upon before the treatment. We have a range of colours to suit the individual needs of any client, and shape will be drawn on with a pen prior to the procedure starting.

Will the Cosmetic Tattoo fade?.. Yes. Depending on skin metabolism and colour applied. Re-touches are applied to ensure the make up remains long lasting, which gives the clients flexibility if they choose to change their colours for example:Hair colour or even their wardrobe colours. Use of sun block is highly recommended to help prevent fading.

What are your qualification?…. Rachel Perry is certified to perform Cosmetic Tattooing procedures on brows, eyeliner and lips.  Having undergone training with 2 seperate trainers, see photos of certificates below.








Are your premises Council approved? … YES, Rachel works out of her salon Boutique Lashes which is located in Point Cook. These premises are fully approved and registered with the Wyndham City Council, meeting all the legal requirements of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act Premises.