cosmetic tatooing
Cosmetic Lip Tattooing can be dramatic or a subtle enhancement. Some of the benefits of this procedure are :

  • Gives volume and fullness to every woman’s lips
  • Can restore youthful definition to fading  lips
  • Colour to balance the lips and lift the complexion
  • Hide imperfection in shape and colour
  • Colour without using lipstick

Lips Cosmetic Tattooing

Rachel offers the following Lip procedures :

Lip Liner – This procedure is best suited to someone who would wear lipliner on a daily basis or someone wanting to re-define the natural lip shape.

Lip Blend / Full Lip – This is the most popular chose now a days as the full lip is tattooed and the colour blends nicely into the inner lip area.  This is best for a natural full lip look and would definitely be the only option when a strong colour is required.

Book a consultation with Rachel today and she can help decide the best colour and procedure that is right for you.