As with all Cosmetic Tattooing procedures there are different options to choose from when getting your eyeliner done.  Below is a list of the most common:


Lash Enhancement  – In this procedure we tattoo in-between the lashes to darken the area to give the illusion of thicker lashes, it is mostly done on the top lash line but cans also be done on the bottom.

Thin Eyeliner – This is the most popular eyeliner procedure, for people who want a thin eyeliner, we will always darken the lash line and go just above (or below) in a thin line to give a fine eyeliner look.  We take into consideration eye shape and clients preferences so may go thicker on the outside corners and not take it all the way inside which is best for small eyes.

Thick Dramatic Eyeliner – Clients who constantly apply a thick eyeliner daily will be love having their eyeliner Cosmetically Tattooed as it will save them so much time and there is no smudging! A lot of people who wear thick eyeliner like it exactly how they apply it so it is a good idea to wear your eyeliner to you consultation to show Rachel how you prefer it.

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