Eyebrows shape our face

There are many different reasons why someone will want to get their brows cosmetically tattooed, the most common are missing hair from over plucking, ageing or a medical condition.  Some people are just born with little or no hair on their brows or they are not happy with the shape or colour.  All of these situations can be rectified with cosmetic tattooing, it is so much easier to have the shape and colour of your brows there 24 hours a day regardless of the activity you are doing, than drawing them on daily, sometime twice daily.

Whether its a complete re-shape or Krystalbefore and after1just filling in of your brows for a natural fuller look, there is a technique to suit your needs.  These techniques are explained below:

Hairline / Feather Strokes – This technique is best done with a hand tool and well known as micro-blading.  Small cuts are made in the brow area to mimic the look of real brow hairs.  This technique can be used alone or with a combination of shading to produce a natural looking brow.  Great for all types of brows from little or no hair to just filling in or extending the brows.

Shading / Powdering – Shading (also known as Powdering) is a technique done with the tattoo machine, great for re-shaping brows and giving depth under natural brow hair. Hairline strokes can be used in a darker colour over the shading to create a 3D brow.

Solid / Block – Used when a solid bold brow is requested, giving the appearance of drawn on  brows. Procedure is performed with the tattoo machine & is great for people use to drawing a heavy brow on daily and who wears full/heavy make-up most days.

A combination of techniques may be required to achieve your desired results, Book a consultation with Rachel to discuss your options.